If 'contentment' is the dish we want to enjoy, what are its ingredients? Is gratitude a gateway to a life of peace and meaning?

How much cheese is too much? How many towels do you need? Is it true that 'less is more'? If you find your home and your mind is jam packed full of stuff, then maybe there is a way of simplicity which might lead to peace?...

Your attention is a most precious commodity. Who do you give it to? What affect does that have on your soul? How could you build a pattern of gifting that attention to God?

If the noise is too great and the camel has a broken back...then how do you fix it?

Concluding the discussion on Sabbath - seeing it as an opportunity for Revelation.

This episode introduces the idea of Sabbath as 'play'...rediscovering the joy and delight of a life of peace and meaning.

One of the secrets to building a life of peace, is resisting the empire!...

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Why do spiritual disciplines feel hard work, and how do we make it more likely that we achieve our health goals?  There's more at stmarksmk.com

Everything stopped.  So how do we begin to create sabbath?  There's more at stmarksmk.com

Do we value soul maintenance in our society?  Settle down for a story.  There's more at stmarksmk.com

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