Everything stopped.  So how do we begin to create sabbath?  There's more at stmarksmk.com

Do we value soul maintenance in our society?  Settle down for a story.  There's more at stmarksmk.com

Does anyone else crave rest.  John Mark Comer, in his book the Ruthless Elimination of Hurry said "hurry and love are incompatible".  Do you want to be a non-anxious presence. There's more at stmarksmk.com

There's a different sort of yoke (non egg related) that's life giving even in the midst of difficulty.  There's more at stmarksmk.com

Do you have a spiritual structure in place?  What disciplines, habits and rules might lead to an outcome of peace, hope and joy?  There's more at stmarksmk.com

Hello, thank you for tuning in. This is the first episode in the 'Structures for Growth' series and it would be great to use these little episodes as a starting point for conversations with a friend.  Find out more at stmarksmk.com

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